Green Building

Utah Natural History Museum set to open this winter

Thu, 09/15/2011 - 09:20

Officials from the Natural History Museum of Utah have announced that it will open in its new home early this winter. The Rio Tinto Center will be available to the public by November 18, according to KCPW Utah.

The new center will house 1.2 million objects from around the state and the surrounding region and officials hope to obtain a LEED Gold certification due to the emphasis that was placed on creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly building, reported the news source.

Several key installations have given museum officials hope about achieving this green goal, as the facility has installed a radiant heating system throughout, along with plenty of large windows for natural light.

"In the Great Salt Lake gallery, we have a giant picture window and you can actually look out and see the lake," Sarah George, director for the center, told KCPW. "And that’s unusual; usually museums are very interior focused. But we couldn’t be in the foothills of this valley and not take advantage of the spectacular views, because they’re wonderful teaching tools."

Radiant heating systems can help large areas obtain a more uniform heat, due to the technology's ability to provide a more even warmth that is distributed better than a traditional system.