Green Building

Several new homes to feature radiant heating systems

Wed, 08/03/2011 - 09:39

Radiant heating systems can help a homeowner maximize efficiency and comfort while providing warmth in a way that does not involve unattractive radiators and heating ducts.

This type of flooring system is used in all areas of a home, as a new Chicago home is set to feature the technology on the roof deck of the premises, according to Chicago Curbed.

A 3,800-square-foot residence will feature the radiant heating technology in the floors of the roof deck, helping to keep individuals warm during the cold winter months. Along with this addition to the upper area of the home, the kitchen will house all of the latest styles and modern amenities, the real estate source reported.

Along with increasing the value of the home, radiant heating can be used under a variety of surfaces. A new Washington home will feature the technology underneath a marble floor in the master suite of the residence, according to the Bellevue Patch.

The radiant heating in the marble floors will provide warmth, along with a stylish look, and the new furniture and amenities throughout the house increased the value of the Redmond-area home, the news source reported.