Green Building

Senior housing lot planned with green technology, radiant heating

Thu, 04/05/2012 - 10:13

A new senior housing lot in Norridgewock, Maine, may soon be constructed, as two residents are looking to build four one-story rental structures that would contain both green and luxury products and appliances, The Central Maine Morning Sentinel reports.

According to the news outlet, Weldon Carmichael and his son, David, plan to build the properties in the coming year, as the two Skowhegan residents are looking to provide area seniors with energy efficient and luxurious apartments and condominiums.

Each separate unit comes with a variety of sustainable and luxurious products and technologies, along with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage and an abundance of storage space. To combat the cold Maine winters, the residences will be equipped with radiant floor heating, combining comfort and energy efficiency.

"I'm trying to create something that's comfortable, that's very efficient. I'm going to handle most of the utilities. It's pretty much a worry-free situation," Carmichael told the Sentinel.

If the town approves the project, which Carmichael believes it will, he would look to finish construction of the exterior of each complex prior to the fall months. Each unit will be roughly 1,200 square feet and will fill a need for senior housings.

New condominium and apartment complexes often include the latest technology as a way to attract customers, and owners may want to use products like Warmboard radiant heating systems as a way to provide an unmatched level of comfort along with energy efficiency.

This product relies on the use of highly-conductive aluminum tubing, which allows a homeowner to provide their family with a high level of warmth without requiring a significant use of energy.