Green Building

Seattle home designed in green manner, features radiant heating system

Fri, 10/21/2011 - 06:33

A custom-built home on the Bainbridge Island bluff in Seattle, Washington, has incorporated sustainable features and green technology like a radiant heating system, according to The Seattle Times.

Joanne Ellis, the designer and homeowner, noted that the residence was able to accomplish all of her goals in a smaller space.

"It's the joy of being in a space that is me," Ellis told the Times. "That's what a custom home should be. It should fit you like a fine-tailored suit."

The smaller amount of space didn't prevent Ellis from installing the technology that she wanted into her residence. She decided to include a hydronic radiant-heated floor system, rainwater harvesting, a revolutionary insulation system, LED lighting and Forest Stewardship Council-approved lumber framing, according to the news source.

Smaller residences can utilize a radiant heating system as a way to provide comfortable heat while minimizing the space that is taken up. The technology doesn't require the use of bulky radiators and doesn't need air vents or heating ducts.