Green Building

Remodeled Washington home to feature latest green technology

Thu, 08/18/2011 - 09:14

A Washington house that was originally built in 1958, a year when it received the home of the year award for a local contest, has been remodeled to feature all of the latest technology, The Seattle Times reported.

New furnishings throughout, modern amenities and designs and several new appliances and fixtures have given the house a second life, as the older parts of the residence have been replaced with a twenty-first century feel, according to the news source.

Larger rooms were replaced with more manageable living spaces, as the massive structure that existed before was scaled down to help maintain a sustainable residence, along with eliminating the need for extensive cleaning, reported the Times.

Each of the bathrooms was redone with a new tub, shower, windows and a radiant heating system for the floors. Comfort and aesthetics were equally considered in this aspect of the remodeling, according to the news source.

The installation of radiant heating systems can allow for homeowners to eliminate the unsightly appearance of radiators, vents and heating ducts while still providing warmth to the entire residence.