Green Building

Reduce Wasted Energy, Heat Loss and Increase Comfort Level

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 12:59

Imagine living in a home that does not cost a fortune to heat. With Warmboard this can be achieved even in the coldest of climates, like Antarctica, where Warmboard is being used to heat up one of the coldest places on Earth. Unlike conventional forced air heating systems that heat an entire home, Warmboard is the ultimate comfort heating system and it’s practical. In the layout design of the Warmboard radiant sub floor, several zones are created to keep heat loss and waste to a minimum. In having various zones in a home, one area may be heated while others, by choice, are not.  Click here to read more... The zones vary depending on personal choice. In general, zones may consist of the main living areas such as the family room, kitchen and common bathrooms. Sleeping quarters, office space and other less frequented are often on a separate zone. In fact, some homeowners prefer to have each room on a separate zone thus creating total control over the energy usage. Another major advantage of using this system is the way the heat warms the lower to mid part of the room, reducing ceiling temperatures and ultimately saving energy. According to the California Energy Commission, Americans use twice as much energy as necessary to heat their homes. These forced air systems, mainly heat the ceiling surface area, not the living spaces where the people are. Unlike other radiant floor systems that take hours to reach a desired temperature, the Warmboard heating system, heats and cools down specific areas practically on demand. Warmboard radiant panels have the ability to react quickly to temperature changes due to a highly conductive, thick aluminum that is bonded to 1 ⅛ inch plywood sub floor. Modular channels are routed in the plywood and inlaid with PEX tubing. This patented design creates an efficient radiant floor, without hot spots, or inconsistent heating temperatures.