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Radiant heating named among wish lists for remodelers

Tue, 03/20/2012 - 10:08

While some people prefer to sell their home and select a new residence when they get tired of their living situation, most homeowners choose to renovate, remodel or redecorate their house.

The 2012 Houzz awards highlighted which trends were preferred during remodeling, according to a press release from the company. Though there were many different things that were preferred, the winning ideas all shared the same theme.

"Chosen by the largest community of active remodelers, the winners are comprised of professionals who have exceeded homeowner expectations and those who have designed the most creative, beautiful and intelligent residential spaces," said the company.

There were a series of upgrades that were seen to do the best job in terms of remodeling a residence and adding both value and practicality to a home. Among these were motorized shades, a central vacuuming system, the addition of a craft room, an integrated gadget charging system and a radiant heating system.

Though different products were used for each of these upgrades, with some operating in a more efficient manner than others, the general ideas were expressed to be the wish of the homeowners who asked for the remodeling.

A Warmboard radiant heating system is much different than the products that are offered by its competitors, as this technology helps to provide a more efficient delivery of heat and comfortable experience for a homeowner.

Although other radiant heating systems offer a high level of comfort and can help to save a homeowner money on long-term operating costs, the difference between a Warmboard system and other products is vast.

Warmboard products rely on highly-conductive tubing and thin paneling to help them deliver an efficient heat that works with any type of flooring.