Green Building

Prefab homes outfitted with radiant floor heating are ideal in Hawaii

Tue, 01/15/2013 - 22:02

The prefab home market is booming in areas like Hawaii because of the convenience and green amenities found in the housing solution. According to Blu Homes, a prefab home developer, the prefab home industry is growing in the island communities of Hawaii because it is a streamlined way to construct a home in the isolation region.

"When it comes to building in Hawaii, choices are limited and it's expensive," said Lars Wernars of Cutting Edge Development, Blu Homes' preferred general contractor in Hawaii. "My team and I have been building green homes in Hawaii for many years and I'm excited to be partnering with Blu Homes to give Hawaii customers more options for beautiful, modern green homes that can be constructed in a short timeframe with limited impact on the environment."

Prefab homes often include many green features because the structures are universally constructed off-site. Often they offer such perks as radiant floor heating, high-quality insulation and windows with high R-values. Radiant floor heating can keep a home at a comfortable, stable temperature at night when it gets cooler on the islands or during windy seasons. Combined with increased insulation levels, radiant floor heating can reduce the utility expenses associated with the property.

Those who are interested in building a custom home but don't want to go through the hassle of a long construction process or have a negative impact on the land may want to consider a prefab home that is outfitted with radiant floor heating and other eco-friendly features.