Green Building

Pennsylvania yoga studio receives green makeover, radiant heating system

Mon, 10/03/2011 - 09:56

The Palmer-Forks, Pennsylvania Olde Mill Building got a green makeover, as the new yoga studio will feature the latest in sustainable technology in order to limit energy costs, according to the Palmer-Forks Patch.

Yoga is a new way of exercising for many residents in the area, who have dropped the more traditional workout plan for the more relaxing activity, reported the newspaper.

"Yoga is not just for the elite," Midi Miller, owner and teacher at Olde Mill Yoga, told the Patch. "We have fun, we joke around… we’re not in India, and it’s not 5,000 years ago."

The business has been around for more than seven years, but the studio recently received a makeover in order to provide a more comfortable place for Palmer-Forks residents to try out the exercise system.

Miller decided to equip the new studio with a radiant heating system that was installed throughout the 3,400-square-foot facility. She made the investment to try and keep the floors of the building as warm as possible during the winter months, according to the Patch.

A radiant heating system works well in large rooms, as the technology distributes the heat more evenly than a traditional system. The two-to-three degrees temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is much less than that of a conventional heater.