Green Building

Ottawa home shows benefit of green technology

Fri, 09/30/2011 - 09:42

A home in the Canadian city of Wakefield, Ontario, has been built on the side of the Gatineau Hills, overlooking a massive forest and the historic Gatineau river. While it is nestled in the wilderness, the house features radiant heating, LED lighting and other green technology, according to The Ottawa Citizen.

David Nobbs and Louise Mailloux, the owners of the residence, had first moved to the area with less resources than they have now, and settled on a much smaller abode.

"The log house was good, but it was like living in the forest," Mailloux told the Citizen. "We wanted a treehouse with a view," the Wakefield resident noted about their new green home.

The couple then moved into their new residence, but not before consulting a green technology expert on what to add in creating a sustainable home. It was here that they recieved the recommendations for LED lighting and a radiant heating system, the news source reported.

A radiant heating system can also provide homeowners with comfortable warmth that is spread out evenly in each room. The temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is only two-to-three degrees with this technology.