Green Building

Oregon duplex receives green makeover

Tue, 09/27/2011 - 10:06

The Woodhole Duplex is a project that took a previously run-down residence that neighbors saw as an eyesore, and turned it into an energy efficient home that adds value to the neighborhood, according to Jetson Green.

Hammer & Hand, a design-build firm that is based in Portland, Oregon, transformed the 1905 building into an energy-efficient duplex that uses less than $100 per month in electricity.

The residence is referred to as the Upcycled Duplex because it is an example of a developer using existing housing stock to re-purpose neighborhoods in a green and economical way. This method of reshaping real estate helps to drive down energy consumption and create a smaller ecological footprint, Jetson Green reported.

Developers for the project used advanced framing, high-quality insulation and a rain screen exterior. Along with these modern tools to reduce energy use, a radiant heating system was installed in place of a conventional system, according to the news source.

Radiant heating systems can add value to a home due to the quiet and comfortable heat that they provide. The technology evenly distributes heat throughout a home, as the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling varies by only two-to-three degrees.