Green Building

Oklahoma residence built with green technology, radiant heating

Wed, 10/26/2011 - 09:45

A residence in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was recently completed and shortly afterwards received an LEED Platinum certification for its use of green technology including LED lighting and a radiant heating system, according to GTR Newspapers.

The myriad of sustainable and green technology helped the residence receive the LEED certification, as the designers of the home wanted to complete their house with as little impact to the environment as possible, the news source reported.

"Windows are the biggest culprits when it comes to energy loss and absorption," one of the architects told the newspaper.

The tile roof of the home directs rain runoff into cisterns that supply water to the house, allowing the home to recycle even when it is raining. Low flow faucets and toilets also helped to lower the amount of energy that was used throughout, according to GTR.

A radiant heating system allows a homeowner to install green technology as part of a subfloor, a process which allows any type of flooring to be installed over the system. It also provides a cleaner air due to the lack of radiators, heating ducts and air vents.