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New Zealand families look to combat rising heating costs

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

The rising cost of fuel and a predicted cold snap in New Zealand in the upcoming winter - June to August for that region of the world - has prompted the government to let citizens know of many alternatives to traditional heating systems, the New Zealand Press reported.
According to the news outlet, the potential for heating costs to rise, predicted to be more than hundreds of dollars more than the past winter, has led many families to consider more efficient heating systems as a way to combat rising fuel prices.
While some members of the government have promoted the use of efficient products, others have noted that people need to work with their power companies in order to stop the costs from rising even further.
"It's an expensive time for everyone, and your power company should be doing its part to help you manage your winter power costs," one government official told the news source.
Though some have suggested the use of space heaters or quick fixes for these rising costs, one official noted that an upfront cost for installation would pay off in the long run for any family.
"For example, if you have an older, draughtier home or rooms with high ceilings, radiant heaters are probably more suitable than fan heaters,'' the official told the news source.
Radiant heating systems help to maximize on the notion of energy saving, as they rely on a small amount of energy to provide warmth to an entire residence. Heating bills are slashed because of these products, and a higher level of comfort is enjoyed by families.
These systems also provide a family with a healthier environment in their home, as the contaminants and pollutants that are circulated in the air by conventional heaters are removed.