Green Building

New York group to redevelop Pier 57

Thu, 07/28/2011 - 09:20

Citizens of the Hudson Park community gathered in Chelsea Market to decide on whether a proposed redevelopment of the Pier 57 area would be passed. Area development companies and local architects came together to finalize the plans for the open space, according to Chelsea Now. 

The proposal has declared that 114,800 square feet of retail spaces, restaurants, markets, a culinary school and a marina with 115 boat slips would be added, along with cultural public open spaces, the news source reported.

As part of the new development that will take place, the construction company will install a boardwalk and a sustainable energy building, complete with radiant heating in the floors and a storm-water-catching device to help maintain the eco-friendly vibe of the area, Chelsea Now reported.

"I’m in favor of the project…as long as they are making the pier as good for the environment as possible," Robert Trentlyon, an activist in the Chelsea area, told the news source.

The use of radiant heating can also increase the comfort level of a building, along with being environmentally friendly, as uniform heat is provided throughout due to only a two to three degree difference between the floor and ceiling. This varies greatly from the 20 to 30 degree gap for forced air systems.