Green Building

New homes maximize sustainability with radiant heating, green technology

Mon, 11/14/2011 - 12:24

New houses on both sides of the Canadian-U.S. border are being built with the latest technology, including radiant heating and LED lighting, in order to provide an efficient and practical way to limit energy costs and electricity consumption.

The technology relies on a more effective delivery of the given service, either light or heat, in order to provide homeowners with a more efficient way of achieving basic needs in a residence.

Radiant heating systems allow owners to save 25 percent on energy savings as compared to a more conventional heater for a home. This is a result of heat being lost in certain systems due to poor seals, uneven heat distribution and multiple zones that have to be warmed.

A radiant system helps to eliminate these problems, which contribute to unnecessary energy use. The technology provides a more even distribution of the heat from the floor to the ceiling, has no seals that are faulty and let heat escape and operate in a way that makes it a single zone system.

A home in New Brunswick has used both radiant heating and LED lighting in an effort to attract buyers. The residence uses the technology throughout the house, and advertises the use of the systems in the listing.

According to the Times & Transcript, the home utilizes the technology to provide a comfortable warmth during the cold winter months.

A home in Hope, Maine, just below the Canadian border, will also feature a radiant heating system. This technology was recently installed as a cost-saving measure, according to WABI 5 TV.

The news source reported that the installation was recently completed on the residence as part of a green retrofit.