Green Building

Massachusetts house complete with latest green technology, radiant heat

Fri, 08/19/2011 - 09:38

A sprawling Campanelli ranch, located in Framingham, Massachusetts, will feature the latest technology and modern amenities, as the owner transformed her residence in the past several years, The Milford Daily News reported.

Though Esther Taddeo had originally renovated the house in an effort to improve her living space, the Framingham resident decided to put the home up for sales due to her desire to live in a different neighborhood, according to the news source.

The exterior of the house maintains the classic look that was common in Massachusetts in the post WWII years, but the inside of the residence has been completely remodeled. New appliances, designs, technology and styling techniques were used to help Taddeo sell her house on the modern market, reported the Daily News.

Along with the improvements inside of the residence, Taddeo had a radiant heating system installed in the three-season porch, helping individuals keep warm during the harsh Northeast winters, the news source reported.

Radiant heating systems can be installed in new residences without changing the appearance of the living quarters, as this technology eliminates the need for radiators, heating ducts and vents.