Green Building

Man models dog house after his own residence

Fri, 08/12/2011 - 04:59

John Carnett felt that his own residence should not be anymore sophisticated or comfortable than what he had set aside for his dog to live in. After completing his own house, stocked with all of the latest technological advances and modern amenities, he decided to give his pet a home to be proud of, according to Renewable Energy World.

Carnett decided to build his dog's home with the latest green technology along with a focus that was placed on utilizing modern building tools. By using AutoCAD and resources that were available on the internet, he was able to design a sustainable residence for his furry friend, the news source reported.

The home will come complete with solar panels on the roof that are attached to a radiant-heating system that uses water warmed by the solar technology to help keep the dog comfortable in the cold winter months, reported Renewable Energy World.

The heat from the water is run through pex tubing and conducted through the aluminum surface of the radiant panel that is either the subfloor or overlayed over subfloor which provides heat to the building.