Green Building

Kansas conference highlights potential for renewable energy, sustainable products

Wed, 09/26/2012 - 13:24

The benefits of energy efficient technology and projects has been expressed by people across a number of industries, but a recent conference in Manhattan, Kansas, has attracted leaders to speak to the advantages of green and sustainable products in buildings and homes across the state.
According to WIBW News, the 2012 Kansas Energy Conference was held at the Manhattan Conference Center and featured leaders from a number of industries speaking about the benefits of technology and products specific to their given sector.
Attendees of the conference got to hear about the benefits of technology like LED lights, radiant heating systems, geothermal and solar energy sources and wind turbines, according to the news outlet.
Experts spoke at the conference and local government officials noted that the general public was able to hear talks on a variety of subjects that were relevant to their lives.
"The conference brings together folks from a variety of different industries who are all associated or connected in some way with renewable or sustainable energy, primarily," said Steve Kelly, Deputy Secretary for Business and Community Development for the Kansas Department of Commerce. "The purpose of the conference to bring people together for a networking opportunity and also, there are a lot of good educational opportunities to provide people updates on what is happening in terms of renewable energy in the state."
Technology like radiant heating is especially efficient, but it is not a new product compared to other green and sustainable fixtures.
Radiant heating systems have long been known to provide a more comfortable home environment for families, but the cost and environmental benefits are just beginning to be realized by different industries.