Green Building

Iowa shop maximizes on energy efficiency with radiant heating system

Thu, 05/24/2012 - 08:22

The two themes that a Marion, Iowa shop owner was trying to adhere to during the construction of his new facility were longevity and efficiency, according to Iowa Farmer Today.

The news source reported that Ron Mormann, a builder with his own contracting and supply store, decided that he wanted his new facility to be as sustainable and cost-efficient as possible, and that the environmental benefits that were achieved through the installation of a subfloor radiant heating system were just an added bonus.

He decided to put the technology into his building as a way to limit the operating costs for the store during winter months, as he wants to be able to work in a comfortable environment without having to spend a fortune to keep his facility warm. Customers will also experience a higher level of comfort, he told the news source, as they would be amazed with the quiet and clean heating system.

According to Iowa Farmer Today, the store is not an isolated trend in the industry, as he spoke to the large number of people that are looking to energy efficient technology as a way to lower operating costs and increase revenue.

The use of a radiant heating system allows a store owner to keep their customers happy and warm at all times, as the technology provides a constant and even level of warmth throughout the day without having to be constantly turned to a high temperature.

Radiant heating systems allow for less energy use due to the way that they deliver heat, as it is pumped through a room under the floor and circulates around a space while limiting the amount of parasitic heat loss that exists.