Green Building

Greening buildings: Innovative aesthetics and practical benefits

Thu, 07/26/2012 - 15:36

The GlaxoSmithKline administrative building in Quebec City, Canada, is a structure that combines a futuristic exterior with a cost-efficient and modern interior.
The architects succeeded in creating a facility that was able to maximize on aesthetics and practicality, according to Earth Techling. The use of energy efficient technology like radiant heating and a futuristic slanted roof gives the building a unique feel, but also provides workers with a comfortable and clean place to operate.
The news source reported that solar panels were installed on the roof to give the building an energy source for its efficient cooling and heating systems, and the east-to-west orientation of the structure allows for maximum amounts of sunlight to permeate through an array of tall windows.
According to Earth Techling, these windows are also what helps to keep cool during warm summer months, as the slanted surfaces open to allow for a maximum passage of air. This same nature-based principle is applied to the heating system, as the radiant floor panels get their power from the sun.
A radiant heating system that is linked with solar panels can achieve significant cost savings and energy consumption reduction for a building owner, as electricity bills are sharply cut due to the installation of this energy efficient technology.
The type of radiant heating system that is used can have a significant effect on how efficient the system is, as products like those available from Warmboard help to limit energy expenditure.
Since these products are designed with highly conductive aluminum paneling, the water that is pumped through the tubing does not have to be warmed to as high of a temperature to provide a sufficient amount of heat.