Green Building

Green ways to provide efficient heat during harsh winter months

Tue, 11/01/2011 - 10:02

The winter months often cause a high level of discomfort in homes, as cold floors and a lack of heat can lead homeowners to turn up their furnace to provide a necessary level of warmth. In doing this, individuals can waste a significant amount of energy.

This unnecessary use of energy can be prevented by using the right technology to heat your home. A radiant heating system provides comfort through a more efficient delivery system, helping to solve the energy problems that may arise while also warming a residence.

The radiant heating system reduces the amount of energy by giving the homeowner efficient and evenly distributed warmth. Because the heat radiates from the bottom up, the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling is minimized.

Studies have shown that radiant heat feels warmer and more comfortable than heat from forced air systems. This allows the temperature to be set lower, while still providing the same level of comfort.

Another way to use energy efficient heating is to insulate the windows of your house so that less heat escapes and minimal amounts of cold air enter a residence, according to Green Life.

Caulking cracks around doors and identifying air leaks can help a homeowner eliminate the passage of cold air into a home, and allow them to use less energy to heat the house, the Northwest Indiana Times reported.

Green Life reported that the easiest way to limit energy use is to layer up, limit the time that is spent in the house and in idle positions. Sacrificing comfort doesn't have to happen in order to cut down on electricity consumption, as the adoption of the most efficient strategies and installation of the right technology can allow for a warmth without the environmental cost.