Green Building

Green home tour highlights new sustainable houses

Thu, 08/18/2011 - 09:16

The Environmental and Conservation Organization of Hendersonville, North Carolina, has announced an event that gives area residents tours of homes that are considered to be environmentally sustainable, according to the Mountain Express.

Organization officials have noted that there are several homes that will be shown that feature the latest technology and modern advancements that make any house green-friendly. Each of the residences that were chosen have the same basic characteristics when it comes to sustainability, reported the news source.

A tour will "showcase beautiful homes demonstrating that building green or renovating green doesn’t have to cost a lot and can save big-time in the long run," according to David Weintraub, executive director of the program.

Two out of the five homes that were featured in the tour have recently had the latest green technology installed throughout the residence, as radiant heating systems, solar panels and green building materials were used, according to the Express.

Radiant heating systems also provide a high level of comfort, as the technology allows for an even distribution of heat throughout any room. The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling only differs by two-to-three degrees with radiant heating systems.