Green Building

Green features attract buyers to homes

Fri, 11/11/2011 - 10:03

The installation of green features into a residence in something that attracts buyers, as technology like radiant heating and LED lighting have increased the value of these homes and led to more interest from buyers, The Globe and Mail reported.

A real estate agent told the news source that after a home was renovated in Toronto, Ontario, the amount of interested buyers increased just days after the construction was complete. The company that sold the house was also able to raise the asking prices by a significant margin.

According to the Globe and Mail, the previous owner decided to install a radiant heating system under the floor, added extra insulation and renovated the first floor windows to provide more natural lighting.

A radiant heating system that is installed as part of a subfloor can allow the owner to use any type of flooring, something that also adds to the value of a home. The latest in interior design trends can be adhered to using this technology, unlike many other types of radiant heating.

These systems also make the residence more comfortable, as the technology provides a warm floor and evenly distributes the heat throughout the house.

The temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor, only two-to-three degrees, is limited by the effectiveness of the technology.

The Globe and Mail reported that the radiant heating system and the other green features drew more potential buyers, especially because of rising energy costs.

"It has a huge cistern in the basement that basically collects rain water and subsequently, you can use it for many other things like irrigation," the real estate agent told the news source. "It even has grass or turf on the rooftop, and that is good for cooling in the summer and insulation in the winter."