Green Building

Green design trends for 2012: From radiant heating to stormwater control

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 10:28

Sustainable building and green construction have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the past several years, as more and more companies and homeowners have chosen to use products and technology that will help to reduce energy consumption and costs. There are several emerging trends for 2012 in the industry, according to Environmental Leader.

The news source reported that several products have been used more and more by homeowners and developers. One such innovative technology is a stormwater recovery system, helping to conserve water while lowering the cost of using in in a residence.

New energy sources are something that many homeowners are using, as both geothermal and solar products can help to reduce costs while also limiting the impact of a single residence on the environment. According to the news source, rising energy costs are making these alternatives to oil and gas look like more attractive investments.

The type of heating systems that many older homes have are also being abandoned for newer technology, especially when a homeowner can use a product in conjunction with a solar or geothermal energy source.

A Warmboard radiant heating system helps to merge an efficient heating system with a geothermal or solar setup better than its competitors due to the design of the product.

The highly conductive aluminum tubing that is used for the Warmboard heating system allows it to provide a residence with a sufficient level of warmth without requiring a high level of energy. Other systems do not deliver the heat in as efficient of a manner, and this accounts for a serious level of waste.

Warmboard radiant heating systems utilize the full potential of alternative energy sources, unlike its competitors.