Green Building

Green and sustainable heating with Warmboard

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 08:04

The push for environmentally-oriented products in the modern real estate market has increased exponentially, as homeowners and realtors are looking to incorporate green technology into homes as a way of cutting emissions.

Warmboard radiant heating systems are not just green in color, the technology that comprises the product is sustainable in a myriad of ways.

The unique design of the paneling on Warmboard radiant heating systems allows it to maximize on energy efficiency, as waste is limited and the amount of warmth distributed around a room is only enough to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

The paneling limits the amount of energy that is used due to the low water temperatures that can be used by homeowners to provide warmth to the system. This limits the energy needed to warm the tubing and floors and helps to harness every last degree of heat.

The Warmboard system can also be linked with a number of green energy sources, including geothermal and solar. Unlike other products, which may not be efficient enough to merit using with one of these green sources, the unique paneling helps to maximize on the sustainable nature of technologies.

Zoning also helps a homeowner save energy, and the Warmboard product allows for the even disbursement of heat when needed and a targeted flow of warmth when people are only occupying several rooms of a residence.

The Warmboard radiant heating system allows a homeowner to work with company staff to design zones in order to limit the amount of heat that is provided to each area of a residence. Thermostats are located in each part of a home and can be controlled accordingly and allow a family to remain warm while cutting overall energy use.