Green Building

Georgia Tech underground building maximizes space, sustainability

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 09:35

Georgia Tech has completed one of the largest green buildings in Atlanta, as the 220,000-square-foot undergraduate learning commons was recently finished, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The building opened with a dedication to former president and alumnus Wayne Clough, and will house a variety of functions for the university. Classrooms, labs, tutoring centers and direct access to the library will all be present in the structure, reported the news source.

Clough Commons was a showcase within the city's inventory of green buildings, as the construction and design of the structure was done with an adherence to the lessening of an environmental impact.

The $93.7 million project includes a variety of green technologies, including solar panels, natural lighting from 20-to-40-foot windows and a radiant heating system that was installed throughout the premises, according to the Chronicle.

Radiant heating systems can help to heat a large and open space in a more effective manner than a more traditional system. The technology allows for a temperature difference of only two-to-three degrees between the ceiling and floor, as compared to the more than 10 degrees that a conventional heater will provide.