Green Building

Family outfits home with green technology in South Deerfield

Mon, 11/05/2012 - 21:25

One family in South Deerfield, Massachusetts, has retrofitted a home with the latest in energy-efficient technologies in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the property. The Amherst Bulletin reports that Jennifer and Bill Marrapese purchased a modest-sized residence in a family-oriented neighborhood in spring 2011 that required improvements to make it livable.

The 1977 ranch house had mold growing throughout the structure that was eating away at the beams and causing fine particulate matter to contaminate the air.
"From the beginning we were planning to have an energy efficient house but now we needed to make healthy and safe for us," Jennifer Marrapese told the news source.
According to the news source, the homeowners replaced the subfloor to get rid of the mold-infested materials and then installed radiant heating throughout the home. The energy-efficient technology would reduce the chance that mold particulates would travel through the air in the home. The Marrapese tore out all mold-infested materials throughout the house, so that if any organic matter was still in the home, its presence would not spread and negatively impact residents' health.

In addition to the numerous health benefits of radiant heating, the Marrapese were attracted to the energy efficiency of the heating technology. The Amherst Bulletin reports that the particular version of the technology the homeowners invested in is powered with solar panels.

"The house has phenomenal southern exposure, perfectly positioned for solar," Bill Marrapese told the news source. "There are three horizontal solar panels on the roof, on angled supports which can’t be seen from the street, plus three vertical panels on the back side of the house. The verticals are optimally planned so they catch the winter sun."
Radiant heating is the ideal green technology solution for homeowners looking to reduce the carbon footprint associated with their property.