Green Building

Examining the role of green technology in new buildings

Tue, 08/14/2012 - 13:55

There are a number of different designs for new homes, but with an eye toward sustainability and cost control, a number of potential owners are hoping that a past trend is going to come back into popularity.
According to the Nashua Telegraph, there were homes that were designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright that were sustainable, easy to construct and inexpensive for young adults and couples to purchase. Though they looked like something that was conceived in the 1970s, they were actually thought of in 1936.
These "Usonian" homes were built with an adherence toward green design and sustainability, long before these concepts emerged in the American marketplace. The idea of these residences was to simply provide struggling families with an alternative to the often-expensive full-scale conventional residences that many were forced to buy.
According to the news outlet, he came up with early designs for modern insulation, venting systems, radiant floor heating and a carport, all ideas that progressed through the decades and became much more efficient.
Despite the fact that these homes were not as popular as first intended, they laid the groundwork for some of the main designs that are present in the modern real estate industry. While some technologies are more present than others, the effectiveness of all of these concepts has been demonstrated by people who design modern residences.
Radiant heating is one area that has improved significantly, especially when one looks at products like those available from Warmboard.
Warmboard radiant heating systems have maximized on the efficiency of heating products, as this technology requires a minimal use of energy to provide a significant level of warmth.