Green Building

Energy-efficient home in Kelowna includes radiant floor heating system

Mon, 07/18/2011 - 08:45

An energy efficient house with all of the modern amenities and green technology was recently completed in Kelowna, British Columbia, as local residents have applauded the new eco-friendly Home for Learning, according to Kelowna Capital News.

The home was built under the watchful eye of the Canadian Home Builder's Association's award-winning development team, as the overseers looked for the most efficient design, the news source reported.

Some of the technology that has been installed will drive down the operating costs of the home, as the radiant in-floor heating in the basement will lower the energy bills while providing a uniform warmth within the walls of the house, Kelowna Capital News reported.

"This home demonstrates to people the value of what can be in a home," Kevin Bounds, who built the home, noted about the efficiency of the technology that was used.

While there are three types of radiant heating that are available to homeowners, the most efficient version tends to be the hydronic system, as this method has the lowest costs and provides the quickest way to heat the house, according to the Department of Energy.