Green Building

Detroit residents construct green garage for sustainability-focused businesses

Fri, 07/29/2011 - 10:31

A Detroit couple has opened a new building that will act as a model for sustainable architecture within the city, as the project is supposed to produce a net-energy consumption of zero, according to A Healthier Michigan.

Like-minded people from the area will be able to participate in the project, as the building will act as an incubator for green businesses and a meeting ground for individuals who want to share how to live sustainably, the news source reported.

"I’m completely surprised at how many people have been attracted to this project," Peggy Brennan, co-owner of the building, told A Healthier Michigan. "I had absolutely no idea that something that was somewhat casual for us at first turned into a serious interest. We’ve had more than 200 people volunteer their time and effort here."

The building will feature solar thermal panels on the roof, which will be used to heat water that will flow through a radiant heating system to provide warmth to the individuals who will be working within the walls, reported the news source.

Radiant heating systems can also help to service an individual's need for a comfortable living space, as the technology can provide for a more even distribution of warmth than a traditional forced-air system.