Green Building

County in New Mexico to enact energy-efficiency codes

Mon, 02/27/2012 - 10:22

Santa Fe County, New Mexico staffers think a code requiring new buildings to be more energy efficient will help to save both homeowners and businesses money, along with helping to reduce the negative impact that these structures would have on the environment, The New Mexican reported.

According to the news source, the county is looking to copy the model that was put forth by the city of Santa Fe, as the metropolis benefited from a successful implementation of a green building code.

A real estate developer noted that the new HERS code is not overly difficult to meet, and the new technology will help to reduce the long-term costs at only a slight increase on the initial price of the residence.

"You can build an affordable home and meet the HERS 70 rating," Gibbs said. "It is not a substantial cost burden."

The Amers, a family that moved into the county last October, has already seen their heating and total electricity bills go down once they put new technology in their residence to meet the HERS code.

According to The New Mexican, they were able to see savings of more than $20 per month on their bills, as a radiant heating system was installed and made an instant impact on their costs.

While radiant heating systems work well to reduce energy consumption and costs, certain products are more effective than others.

Warmboard systems rely on highly-conductive aluminum tubing to provide heat in a more efficient manner, reducing the energy needed to deliver a sufficient level of warmth to a residence. Along with being more efficient than other products, the Warmboard system allows each customer to use any type of flooring, as this does not destroy hardwood or other delicate coverings like other systems.