Green Building

Chinese building helps to showcase green building products, techniques

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 15:18

The increased presence of green buildings around the world shows that many countries are looking to change their commercial real estate sectors and reduce the overall energy consumption levels within this industry.
Installing technology like radiant heating, solar panels and state-of-the-art insulated windows can help a building run without requiring a significant energy expenditure. The dual benefit provided by these installations has motivated many firms around the world to invest in green buildings and sustainability.
According to Earth Techling, the new Big Glass Pyramid in Beijing, China, is one example of how energy efficiency can help to improve the value of a building.
The building is reliant on technological advances like radiant in-floor heating that is coupled with a solar thermal system to help it achieve the greenest possible operation. This combination of sustainable products allows the structure to limit its energy use during winter months.
According to the news outlet, the heating system will work especially well in the dual 18-story buildings that meet to form a pyramid. Natural lighting advantages will also add to the energy efficiency of the property, as the shape and orientation of the windows helps to add warmth or cool off the facility, depending on the time period.
The combination of radiant heating and solar panels helps to maximize on the efficiency of both products, as each installation minimizes the energy needed to power the other fixture.
Since the radiant heating system that is installed in buildings helps to circulate the warm air evenly, it works better than other products, especially in large structures. It can be easily combined with solar energy sources, due to the fact that it requires a small amount of energy to operate.