Green Building

Canadian townhouse receives green renovation

Wed, 09/14/2011 - 09:54

A residence in Montreal has undergone a renovation project that was intended to give the home the look of a New York-style greystone town house, according to The Montreal Gazette.

Located in the Westmount flats in the western part of the city, the home was originally built by a wealthy merchant in 1910. Renovation was necessary, as the residence was allowed to enter a state of disarray following a change of ownership.

The five-bedroom residence was outfitted with the latest in green technology and modern amenities, due to the new owner's wish for a more sustainable home. One of the new technologies that was installed was a heated floor system.

"We dug out the basement floor and installed concrete slabs with radiant heating pipes for floor heating," Tania Schmitt, owner and designer, told the Gazette.

A radiant heating system that uses subfloor technology can serve as a more effecient system for delivering warmth. While the concrete slab system provides warmth, the heat is less evenly distributed than the subfloor system, takes longer to warm up and responds at a slower rate throughout the day.