Green Building

Canadian school board honored for green initiatives

Tue, 02/28/2012 - 10:43

The City of Greater Sudbury's Healthy Community Cabinet has recognized the Rainbow District School Board for its Go Green Initiatives, according to Northern Life Canada.

The news source reported that the Sudbury, Ontario-based school board received a Healthy Community Recognition Award for its use of green and sustainable technology and practices.

"Fostering a culture of conservation, implementing green technology, encouraging eco-friendly practices, and developing global citizens who care about the world in which they live have made Rainbow Schools leaders in education for sustainable development," Doreen Dewar, a board chair, said in a release. "We are proud of our accomplishments and welcomed the opportunity to share our success story with the community."

Part of the reason that the school board received the award is because of its commitment to using green and sustainable technology in the construction of the new MacLeod Public school, according to the news source.

Northern Life Canada reported that the new school will feature a radiant floor heating system that is powered by geothermal energy, helping to utilize the sustainable nature of the technology. A push for solar panels on the roof has also occurred, which would also provide an energy source for other products used in the building.

A Warmboard radiant heating system allows for the most-efficient delivery of energy from a geothermal or solar panel source, as this technology uses highly conductive aluminum tubing to provide heat to the water that flows through the floor panels.

While other systems need the water to be warmed to a much higher temperature to heat a residence, the highly conductive nature of the Warmboard panels allows the property owner to use much less energy because they don't have to heat the water as much.