Green Building

Canadian home sold in just three weeks due to inclusion of green technology

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 11:03

Though the housing market on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border is still in the midst of a recovery, houses can be sold for the posted price if they are able to incorporate the latest green and sustainable technologies.

According to Burnaby Now, a home in East Burnaby, British Columbia, was recently sold after only being on the market for three weeks. Due to the inclusion of new technology like a radiant heating system and modern air conditioning, the residence was purchased for the initial price that was listed.

The news source reported that the home sits on a 6,370-square-foot lot and includes eight bedrooms as well as an attached wok kitchen off of the main dining room. The residence includes modern appliances, spacious living and dining rooms and large windows to help maximize the amount of sunlight that enters the house.

According to Burnaby Now, the house also features radiant floor heating on all levels, as the technology was installed throughout in order to combat the often-freezing Canadian winters. Along with this convenience, the residence also includes marble entranceways, hardwood floors and coffered ceilings.

Though radiant heating systems are an efficient source of heat, some products are more efficient than others.

A Warmboard radiant heating system stands apart from its competitors due to the quality of materials that are used. This product uses a series of highly conductive tubes to carry the water throughout the home. The water does not need to be heated to as high of a temperature as other systems to deliver the same level of warmth, as it heats in a more efficient manner due to the conductivity of the piping.

This helps to lower energy costs and consumption, as the water does not need to be heated as much as other products.