Green Building

Canadian home receives green makeover, renovation includes radiant heating

Fri, 02/17/2012 - 10:41

Carsten Podehl's Wakefield, Ontario home required little outside help during the renovation that he started, as he favored the use of his own mind and hands for the building process, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

The news source reported that Podehl was able to build the entire 2,300-square-foot residence with only a little outside help, as he drew up the plans, designed the integration of the heating system, decided on the placement of the lighting fixtures and used his extensive climbing knowledge and rope techniques to lift giant wooden beams into place.

Though he was able to finish the first part of the project in two years, it took more time than that before he was able to reside full time in the house.

"I moved in after two, which was a huge mistake," Podehl told the Citizen noting "but it was two years to livable, three years to comfortable."

According to the news source, he opted to install a radiant heating system, as his outdoor interests had given him a love for nature and he knew that this type of product would limit his negative impact on the planet.

Due to the type of radiant heating system that he installed, Podehl had to use a concrete floor, and he noted this limited his number of options for floor coverings.

A Warmboard radiant heating system gives a homeowner more options when it comes to floor coverings, as the technology is able to be installed under any type of flooring.

Unlike other radiant heating systems that require high water temperatures to provide heat, and thus damage the flooring, a Warmboard system can operate using lower water temperatures due to the type of tubing that is used.