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Camping in luxury: New tents to feature radiant heating

Wed, 07/27/2011 - 09:04

A new Washington business has begun to examine the possible comforts that can be provided to campers, as teepees that have been designed by the business contain all of the latest fixtures and amenities that any new house may have, according to Entrepreneur.com.

Pepper Fewel, a Yakima, Washington resident, decided to give the teepee a makeover, as she created a brand that came complete with Wi-Fi, hot tubs and heated floors. The new residences have allowed her to continue to camp, without having to deal with the lack of comfort provided by normal outdoor housing, the business website noted.

"I'm not a true camper in any way, shape or form," Fewel told Entrepreneur. "So I did what I know I would like to do. I love the shape of the teepee, and I thought, 'If I were to stay in this, I wouldn't want to stay on dirt.' So we put in a floor, then beds."

Radiant heating can be installed in a variety of houses, as the technology is installed just like a subfloor, saving a customer time and money on the initial costs. Along with this benefit, homeowners who use radiant heating will see their residence heated within two to three hours, as opposed to the 8-10 hours that a slab system takes.