Green Building

California residents inject home with Hindu history, modern green technology

Wed, 09/28/2011 - 09:41

Two Los Altos, California residents have installed several historic and traditional Hindu artifacts into their home, along with a series of green and sustainable technologies, according to the Los Altos Town Crier.

Rashmi Sinha and Vikram Sahai have designed their family home with an adherence to their cultural background as well as installing energy-saving and cost-cutting technologies.

"We wanted the house to be a blend of old and modern," Sinha told the Crier. "We appreciate history and ancient cultures, and we like the freshness of modern."

Their kitchen contains state-of-the-art appliances right next to traditional artifacts, and the cabinetry and countertops also represent this fusion of cultures.

The couple installed a radiant heating system in the residence, which forced them to decide on a specific type of flooring due to the type of technology used.

A radiant heating system that is installed as part of a subfloor eliminates the necessity of choosing a specific type of flooring. This type of system can be installed under any surface, and can heat in two-to-three hours, as opposed to the approximately ten hours that other technologies require.