Green Building

Buying green homes: A guide to energy efficient residences

Wed, 07/11/2012 - 16:00

The planet is in need of a break from carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, and homebuyers around the world are looking to do their part. Countering the increased use of fossil fuels in developing countries may be an impossible task, but families can move into or install products that limit the negative impact that they have on the environment.
Buying a green home is not just beneficial in terms of a limited negative impact on the environment, as people who invest in energy efficient technology can also see significant cost saving.
Operating costs are limited through the installation of energy efficient products, due to a reduction of waste and the ability of modern technology to do more with less.
Planet Save reported that the increased use of energy efficient products in homes has led to the development of fixtures and appliances that cut usage without providing an annoyance to homeowners.
While products of the past may have been effective at cutting energy use, there was usually a drawback to these technologies. Now it seems that the opposite is the case, as companies have figured out how to create systems that actually provide several benefits to homeowners.
One example of this type of dual benefit is the Warmboard radiant heating system. While the highly conductive paneling allows homeowners to reduce their energy use, the design of the product also helps to limit airborne contaminants in a home, eliminates annoying noises associated with older heating systems and provides a more even distribution of warmth.
These heating systems also provide the homeowner with a sense of comfort that is unparalleled, as they will get to experience total warmth in their residence. Not only will feet no longer have to be placed on cold tiles or flooring, but the entire house has a different feel to it.