Green Building

Build Green New Mexico founder puts home on market

Fri, 10/14/2011 - 09:16

Bill Reynolds was one of the pioneers of green construction within the state of New Mexico, and since the real estate mogul is moving, he decided to place his radiant-heating-and-solar-panel equipped residence on the market, according to Local IQ.

The 4,674-square-foot residence is a testament to Reynolds' love for green technology and the sustainability that homes can achieve. He decided to equip the house with photovoltaic power, efficient radiant floor heating, solar panels, low-flow water fixtures, extensive insulation and American Clay plaster on the walls, the news source reported.

Despite the green nature of the home, the residence has all of the latest technological advancements and modern amenities. Though he favored sustainability, Reynolds still had an eye for design, demonstrated by the elegant nature of the structure and its interior, according to Local IQ.

Reynolds described his home as making a "transparent distinction between indoors and outdoors."

A radiant heating system can help a home maintain a high sense of sustainability while still providing comfortable heat. The technology also doesn't require the use of a radiator or heating duct, helping to improve the aesthetics of the residence.