Green Building

Beer company uses radiant heating system to limit environmental impact of new facility

Mon, 12/19/2011 - 11:14

Hale's Ales, a Seattle, Washington-based brewery, has recently completed the renovation of its production facility, which now includes green and sustainable technology to help limit the carbon footprint for the entire operation, according to Renewable News.

The news source reported that the installation of the technology, including a radiant heating system throughout the facility, will help the brewery save an estimated $15,000 annually on heating costs. Along with the financial benefit, the owner and operator of the company noted that it would help to support the environment in the community in which it operates.

"We’ve spent 27 years serving the community with the very best hand-crafted beers possible and making our operations greener is just another way of giving back to our community," Mike Hale, founder and president of Hale's Ales, told the news source.

Hale decided to install high-efficiency light bulbs, an advanced cooling system and the radiant heating system throughout the property as a way to address both environmental and cost concerns. He noted that the potential long-term savings had motivated the company to install the technology as soon as possible, according to Renewable Energy.

A radiant heating system allows for the heat to be distributed in a more even manner than a conventional system, helping to maximize the efficiency and sustainability of a heating system. Less parasitic heat loss occurs with a radiant system, helping to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted by companies.

It can also help to limit the presence of toxins and allergens in a building, as it does not require the use of radiators, heating ducts or air vents. These products can store dirt and contaminants that will eventually circulate throughout a home.