Green Building

Award-winning Idaho home retrofit with energy efficient technology, radiant heat

Fri, 11/04/2011 - 09:05

Vic Weber's home in the old township of Soldier, Idaho, was the area's first residence to meet the energy efficiency standards of the Passive House Building Institute, due to his use of technology like radiant heating, according to the Idaho Mountain Express.

The news source reported that despite the cold temperatures that exist in the area during the long winter season, Weber was able to achieve his energy efficiency goals due to the use of modern and green technology.

"Reduced energy consumption is as green as you can go," Weber told the Express. "The climate is challenging, and the heating season is long and harsh, [but] it's doable."

He installed solar panels on the roof of his residence and linked them to a radiant heating system that was put in throughout his home. This helped to limit his energy consumption, and gave the retiree a sense of accomplishment.

"If I wasn't doing a passive housing project, I wouldn't have used the windows I did," Weber told the news source. "The climate was such that we needed these windows to make this work."

While the right windows and insulation can prevent heat from escaping a home, generating this warmth sometimes presents a major problem to homeowners.

This problem can be alleviated with the installation of a radiant heating system, as the technology works well with solar panels.

The water in the radiant heating system can be warmed by the solar panels, and the right radiant product can convey the heat to such a point that the water temperatures don't need to be excessively high, limiting energy consumption.