Green Building

Army highlights energy efficiency during annual meeting and exposition

Tue, 11/29/2011 - 11:04

Long-term energy management planning is allowing U.S. Army bases around the world to achieve significant levels of energy efficiency, as these facilities utilize everything from solar panels to radiant heating systems, according to Sustainable Plant. 

The news source reported that the U.S. Army has recognized the value and savings that come from using energy efficient technology as a way of saving money in a long-term sense.

Sustainable Plant reported that Army officials have already reported significant energy savings at sites around the world, and have applauded the effectiveness of the technology that has been implemented. Although these advancements were first thought to be a potentially cost-prohibitive measure, they have seen a dramatic drop in their electricity bills.

The U.S. Army has specifically moved towards using energy efficient products in conjunction with one another. According to the news source, they have tried to combine their solar technology with radiant heating and cooling systems, as engineers targeted lower energy consumption through the combination of products.

A radiant heating system can work well with a solar panel that provides hot water. The radiant subfloor's aluminum integration allows for higher heats to be achieved while using lower temperature water streams, as compared with technology from competitors.

Connecting a solar panel or solar water heater to a radiant heating system allows for the maximum amount of energy to be obtained and produced for the home. Lower water temperatures for the subfloor system to operate means that homeowners can use less energy or transfer it elsewhere.

The U.S. Army has recognized that this type of technology can allow for energy savings and more efficient operations.