Finding a green contractor will increasingly become easier

Wed, 01/09/2013 - 09:30

As more residential and commercial property owners look to incorporate "green" technology into their buildings, finding an experienced contractor who is well-versed in the field will take less time. The green building industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

A new McGraw-Hill Construction survey has found that green building have become a long-term business opportunity and 51 percent of construction firms are planning to dedicate more than 60 percent of their work to green projects by 2015.

The global construction market is viewing "green" projects as the future for the industry and a business opportunity, instead of a small niche market.

"This research confirms that green building advances environmental stewardship while providing value to the market," said Geraud Darnis, president and CEO, United Technologies Climate, Controls & Security. "It also confirms that we now see more pull than push for green buildings."

According to the study, construction firms are claiming that client demand (35 percent) and market demand (33 percent) are two key drivers for the switch to green building practices.

As a result of this trend, technologies that support "greening" efforts are increasingly becoming popular. For example, more residential and commercial property owners are considering how utility services like radiant floor heating can reduce energy expenses and improve the quality of life of those that use the space. Radiant floor heating can easily sustain warmth levels so that a structure remains comfortable throughout the day and night. In addition, the hot water traveling through the pipes is highly insulated and does not require a boiler or heater to constantly run – reducing energy expenses.