Farm goes green with radiant floor heating

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 07:01

You might think that a farm is one of the greenest commercial enterprises ever. However, all of the energy required to grow, cultivate and harvest crops and maintain the land can often lead to expensive operational costs. One farm in Guelph, Ontario, is changing all of that by increasing its use of eco-friendly technology.
The Whole Village Farm, which sits just 60 minutes outside of downtown Toronto, contains woodland, farmland, wetland and suntrap gardens. Producer news reports that the team of people working on the project are dedicated to incorporating the latest in green technology and sustainable practices. Even the house included on the property has been outfitted with eco-friendly solutions. 
According to the news source, radiant floor heating technology has been installed throughout the 15,000-square-foot home that contains 11 private suites and common areas for the people who live and work on the farm. The high-quality heating solution was ideal for the structure because of the sheer size of the unit. In addition, radiant floor heating would allow the group, which is dedicated to permaculture and sustainable solutions, to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the property. 
With so much time and resources dedicated to allowing the sustainable farming ecosystem being developed, it would be hardly in the group's inclination to forgo renovating the home they would be living in to be as energy efficient as possible. Radiant floor heating allows those who live and work at the Whole Village Farm to enjoy a comfortable living space that fits in with their eco-friendly ideals without living in an uncomfortable space. The development of this technology and others has helped many property owners reduce the carbon footprint associated with their home.