Famous architect's apprentices also include radiant floor heating in designs

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 10:40

The apprentices of the famous modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright work to incorporate a number of the features found in his designs into their own. Cornelia Brierly and Peter Berndtson worked with the great architect during the 1940s. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that the two use Wright's Usonion principles in all of their own designs - including the use of radiant floor heating
Wright focused on creating structures that fit the natural landscape of where they were placed. His connection to the environment has meant that his designs included a number of eco-friendly features. One of the more common elements in his designs was radiant floor heating. According to the news source, Wright's homes were characterized by their flat roofs, a carport, radiant floor heating, elegant use of natural lighting and natural wood on the walls. 
Radiant floor heating is a sustainable heating option. Unlike traditional heating systems that use heat transference through baseboards, vents and radiators, a radiant floor option pushes heat through the floorboards with convection. By using radiant floor heating, the warmth is more direct, which means the system can heat a home using less energy. 
Years after working with Wright, Brierly and Berndtson still incorporate the use of radiant floor heating in the homes they design. According to the news source, the two feel that the system is ideal for the modern homeowner. The energy efficiency of the system is ideal as the price of oil and gas continues to rise and individuals seek a more effective way to keep a home warm and comfortable. 
A radiant floor heating system installed in a home allows an individual to save money, while still living his or her life in luxury.