Examining the potential for energy efficient products

Wed, 09/19/2012 - 15:49

Though the use of energy efficient products is beginning to spread to all industries, there are some sectors where the idea of limiting waste and increasing sustainability is firmly established.
The real estate market has already seen quite an uptick in the number of residences that are built with energy efficient products like radiant heating systems, LED lighting, specially designed insulation and solar panel or geothermal energy sources.
These products not only limit the overall operating costs for a residence, but they also help to harness some of the carbon emissions that every home is responsible for.
The housing market is beginning to influence other sectors, according to WLBZ News Bangor. One electric car supporter noticed the effectiveness of energy efficient products in his home, so he began to make adjustments to his prototype and created a fine-tuned version of his new automobile.
"We have solar power. We have radiant heat. We have an hydronic heating system. We have special insulation," Stephen Woods, the president and chief executive officer of TideSmart Global, told the news outlet. "All of these features are more expensive, but in the long run, we think they pay out because they are the right thing to do. They lower our energy costs and they also lower our burden and our dependence on fossil fuels."
According to the news outlet, Woods and his company are trying to promote innovation within the automotive industry, as he noticed that the pain at the pump could be solved by people simply using more efficient vehicles and technology.
And this move away from gas-powered vehicles would not just be a boon to his business, Woods noted.
"The reality is fossil fuels are a finite resource," he explained.  "It is not just an energy issue, it has to do with healthcare, it has to do with the economy, it has to do with our debt.