Eugene BRING Home and Garden Tour visits properties with radiant floor heating

Thu, 09/05/2013 - 11:36

The BRING Home and Garden Tour will be visiting at houses throughout Eugene, Oregon, area that feature a number of green technologies and materials. The Eugene Weekly reported that there are 12 stops scheduled on the tour that are all south of the river to encourage those attending the event to bike, walk, carpool or ride the bus in an effort to improve the sustainability of the event. 
Included in the event are properties like a  housing co-op, a shared garden built on a city right-of-way, an urban farmstead, edible gardens, multi-family developments, a redeveloped downtown lot, straw bale construction, net-zero homes and LEED Gold and Platinum ratings, reported the news source. One of the main features of the tour is the LUCia Community center on Friendly Street and a LEED Gold-rated home in Fox Hollow. This residential home uses a geosource heat pump and a radiant floor heating system to promote the sustainable use of energy for warmth. The radiant floor heating system works with the geothermal technology to improve the thermal features of the house and save energy. 
In addition, developers on the project separated sections of the structure into various zones to decrease heating energy use in spaces that do not require the same level of heat for comfort. 
"The homeowners are able to control seven distinct thermal zones," architect on the project Richard Shugar told the news source. "And when not occupied, the zones use the latest in sensors and automated home technology to keep the home comfortable while minimizing energy consumption." 
By investing in high performance technologies like radiant floor heating, a residential or commercial property owner is able to reduce monthly operational expenses.