Energy-efficient home features high-quality fixtures

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 14:46

The right blend of technologies is all it takes for a home to become a symbol of energy efficiency. In central Alaska, one homeowner has designed a property that withstands the below zero temperatures of the state without needing excessively amounts of fuel. Earth Techling reports that with only a small fire, a radiant floor heating system and insulation, Karl Kassel is able to keep his home warm and toasty. 
According to the news source, the home is built in an octagon shape to keep heat central through the entire building. The wood-burning stove in the home is built to emulate a masonry heater or kachelofen. Using an intricate loop of pipes, heat is then transferred from the stove to a radiant floor heating system. Fuel is burned quickly at very high temperatures and then the heat travels the length of the radiant floor heating system to fill the house with warmth. The stove heats the water that is used to keep the temperature of the home at a consistent level. 
The combination of technologies, when used in a property with high R-value insulation, allows a homeowner to reduce his or her operational expenses. The insulation inside the home has an R value of R65, this is also paired with a roof that has been rated at R85 and windows with triple glazing. According to the news source, the current resident of this property in Alaska has been able to save money in even the coldest winter months. 
Through smart design this property owner has been able to make the most out of the materials and technologies used and saved a considerable sum of money. Other homeowners who are interested in reducing operational expenses may want to consider the merits of installing a radiant floor heating system.