Eco-friendly home offers beauty and sustainability

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 19:20

A home recently listed as for sale in Chicago, Illinois, offers a unique combination of style and energy efficiency. Chicago Magazine reports that the home, located in the community of Evanston, is designed to make the best use of the natural landscape surrounding it. 
The conventional facade of the home hides some of the more eco-friendly solutions, including: an L-shaped design that is designed to let the home soak up as much sun as possible. According to the news source, the south-facing placement of the structure was no accident. By allowing the greatest amount of surface area of the house to face the sun, the home can take advantage of the solar heat - even in the cold winter months.
"It's like living in a calendar," architect Nate Kipnis told the news source. "In June, when the sun's the highest, the sun is totally blocked [by the roof line], it doesn't come in. It reduces the cooling load. When the sun is the lowest, in December, it comes all the way across the floor. The dark slate absorbs the heat and works in conjunction with the radiant floor." 
This is not the only eco-friendly feature to play a part in the heating of the modern home. Chicago Magazine reports that a radiant floor heating system was also installed. By passing piping throughout the floors of the home with water heated by solar energy, the house remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the year - without driving up utility bills. Radiant floor heating is highly efficient and can run off both renewable energy and traditional resources like oil and natural gas. This Chicago home combines the use of radiant floor heating and solar energy to provide a future property owner with comfort and decreased utility bills.